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This morning, I was thinking about what it takes to wake up, black.

To wake up a…

Black woman.

Dark-skinned black woman.

Black mother.

Black mother with a son.

Black mother with a daughter.

This morning, I was thinking about waking up, to the struggle.

Black…in America.

A-freak America.


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National Openly Ugly-Cry Day

My ask for 2020:

Can we all come together and openly ugly-cry for:

  • Our losses (love-ones, health, jobs, homes, friendships, connectedness, etc…) due to Covid;
  • The realities (a pandemic does not stop the systematic purging of black bodies or override, heartless souls cloaked in privileged-whiteness);
  • The…

Black Jesus Portrait V Digital Art by Ramon Martinez

If Living is to struggle...

and to Struggle is to Love

but, without Love, Life is a certain Death, so…

What is Loss?

Does one lose by loving?

Is winning hidden in appearing to love?

Why struggle?

What’s the cost of being?

How much will it cost me to be…

Some are in the business of protecting pedophiles and sexual offenders. Not me!

Washington Greene I wish I knew before you died that you were a pedophile, sexual offender, and destroyer of lives, and destroyer of misplaced trust; so I could have facilitated your demise to die a thousand deaths…

A Psyco-Analysis

The Question…

She asked, “ What animal do you most align"?

“A Lion", was his response.

“Okay”, she texted.

24 hours later…

She asked, “ What animal do you think I most align"?

“IDK, a Deer", he responded.

“So, I’m your Prey!?”, she texted.

5 minutes later…

She called.

Their relationship ended.

Him or Me?

The diagnosis is definitive.

The remedy, conclusive.

Immediate heart surgery.

There’s no time for second opinions.

Seconds away from metastasis, the patient’s heart has malignant cardiac trauma. Open heart surgery will spare her chances of Becoming Her Best!, …

Hello, Big Mike.

Thanks for calling.

“What have I been doing in these last five years”, you ask?


Currently, I am processing the role of seat fillers. Until your call, I believed I was someone’s seat filler. However, now you have me questioning, whether or not he was the…

He is not he.

He is him.

“Him” is…

His brother.

His father.

And to an extent, His friends.

He does not see His habits.

He does not see Himself.

He does see with 20/20, the faults of the:

Brother. Father. Friends.

He mirrors the…

deepest insecurities of the brother.

coping tendencies of the father.

…His past neglected-affections.

“Him” is He.

He is hurt. Personified.

He is He.

She saw Him.

Loved Him, in spite of Him or Her…willing to see the “better”

…if only.

She is clear.

She is imperfect.

She loved.

What’s left?

She forgives.

He does not know what He does.

He cannot see Her.

His vision for Her is not 20/20.

He refuses to invest in the lenses to correct His vision.

She is clear.

She forgives.

After all, He is He!

No longer blindsided…She is gone.




She is Free!


I am a soul experiencing humanness…willingly exposing truths, balancing-out struggles between the super-ego and id to free my ego. Purge! This is My Medium.

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